Plums (dried)

After you’ve been on the road a lot, trying to eat healthy but also needing portable food, your appreciation for finding such foods rises. Summer and plums go hand in Holland, you can still visit little stands by the roadside or go to any good Saturday market and choose from a dozen different kinds that can be sour or sweet, mild or blazing with taste. A little like the stands Silicon Valley folks travel south for on the weekend, down past Gilroy, for the strawberries in summer and the pumpkins in autumn.

With winter coming on, the price on the organic fruits is rising so I switch to dried fruits. Here’s a good snackbox to take along to a day’s on the road or in meeting rooms.

Sweet and savoury munchies

  • A small tin or breadbox that fits in your handbag
  • A bag of (glutenfree) crackers
  • A bag of dried plums
  • Rubber band

Stick a hand in each bag and put it in the tin. Snap the rubber band around it. Insert into bag. Get it out whenever snacks appear on the table.


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