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Be welcome to this website! This is the fiction site of Arike van de Water, a small selection of the products of a writing enthusiast. It's split up into sections for easy reading, so go on and take your pick. If you'd like to try something new, I've put some of what I've written recently in the Spotlight below the menu. Sweet reading!

What's Where and How to Get There

In this section you'll find the information that's less to do with the writing, a short bio, how to contact me and a guestbook, what's new on the website, some of my favourite places to be on the web and an index of this website, because sometimes it's good to have map.

In the Short Stories and Poetry sections you'll find a collection of, surprise, short stories and poems. You can choose one from the complete list or click on one of the links at the top of the page to choose a particular selection. Experimental is the slightly odd stuff that I tried out in both forms of writing. The rest of the short stories are divided by whether they could happen in this world or not, realistic and fantasy. Poetry has three other categories: mood, the sad and the happy poems, sonnet, my favourite fourteen-line format and faith, the poems about religion.

The Projects section came into being because writing novels is what I like to do best. This is the fifth year I'm participation in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, and you can read the summaries and excerpts of the novels I wrote for each edition here, as well as for ScriptFrenzy, the scriptwriter's counterpart of NaNoWriMo. Work-In-Progress tells a little bit about the novels I'm writing currently.

Writing Tools is about all the good stuff I learned about writing, and that I wanted to share. Excercises, prompts and generators, as well as some resources that prevented me from making stupid mistakes, or helped me after I made them, improved my technique and helped me in getting some great ideas. Check it out!