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Prompts are a way to kick-start your writing. A blank page can be a terrible thing. Their purpose is to kick-start the thinking process, or to shock it out of the rut you find yourself in. When Tony's stuck running through a market with Dr Evil and his terrier right behind him, and you're not sure exactly how he should make his escape, 'fish' could be exactly the word, and the next thing you know a clumsy fishmonger and his stack of slick eels ensures Tony has the time to climb up a handily extended fire escape and hide in the shower stall in the appartment of a Mediterranean Belle, who also turns out to be the love of his life. All that because of one word. This should be edited later for credibility, but at least you can now go on with the story. So prompts, in the shape of words and images, you can find here.

If you're looking for something a little more substantial, like suggestions for scenes, go to the generator page.

Say the Word

Below you can find several word prompts. For technical reasons, they have their own pages.

The last one, below, is A.Word.A.Day, a neat little applet from Wordsmith that gives out a fresh word each day.

A 1000 Words

Beauty for the eyes can be food for the soul. Images can cause the cogs to whir in your head like nothing else, sometimes because you're already picturing the story you want to tell, sometimes because you're searching for something new. What inspires you and what doesn't can be very personal, however, so what I've done is look up some images that might give you an idea of what is out there. See if you find something in them, but if you like image prompts I also encourage you to search for yourself. The images below are all from DeviantArt, the biggest online art archive, especially of digital art, that I know. For some more links, go here.

090828 by AppleSin on deviantART

Silent Warrior by Misty2007 on deviantART

Unlock the past by CSnyder on deviantART

Cold Days by JennBowers on deviantART

The Bridge by Jeddaka on deviantART