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Works In Progress

I have three projects I'm working on currently, in varying stages of progress. At the time of writing, Eve's Choice is a partial draft I am rewriting, since my skill has come a long way since I started it in 2007. The reason it has not been put aside is that the story grabs me still, and that allows me to continue working on it even though that some time passed between when it went on hiatus at the start of 2008 and when I picked it up again this spring. I've done its preparation and the earliest writing attempt as part of the 2007-2008 2 Year Novel class on Forward Motion.

Eve's Choice

A lonely high-school graduate goes to stay with her brother on an island off the Californian coast. That same night, she and her niece simultaneously have their final and first confrontations with the ultimate temptation of fercor: more power to change the world around them in exchange for a stunted soul, and enslavement for life. When Ana comes out of a coma, she finds that Christine, an ambitious society wife and mother figure to her niece, wants to be her niece's Mentrix during the fight with fercor. She will do anything to prevent it, including turning to a corrupt government official when she finds no allies amongst her family, because Christine succumbed to the temptation. Only when Christine's daughter is incarcerated, who's good and who's bad suddenly becomes very unclear.

Angeleyes is Eve's Choice's successor as 2 Year Novel, for the 2009-2010 class, and currently in the outlining phase. It doubles as NaNoWriMo 2009. I intend to write the first draft during November. Its current title is purely for working purposes, by the way. I wrote the first brainwave about it down during, yes, the ABBA song by that same name.


A nomadic woman and her mother, a brilliant and blind strategist, seek sanctuary inside the appartment of one of the Implanted, her enemy and the reigning elite of the 21st century. While Arley slowly wins Simon's heart, her mother dies of her injuries. Simon decides to break out of his conditioning, and together they flee. But Senator Melody is determined to find and kill the one who could turn one of the most promising Implanted back into a completely organic creature. This on the eve the law is implemented that makes those without an Implant outlaws. In order to save her life and the souls of those called soulless, Arley must prove the fallibility of a machine that is supposed to make people perfect.

Read the excerpt.

The novella Alter Ego rather came out of nowhere. It was a short story I liked, so I submitted it to my writing group in order to receive some feedback on it. I was told it wasn't finished, so I dutifully submitted the second part of it. I was told it still wasn't finished, and really, it would be unfair to leave it at this. So it grew, and the group shall fall victim to further submissions once it is finished.

Alter Ego

A vampire girl returns from a day in town with her nephew to the hospital where they find her sister has died. When her clan murders her mortal brother-in-law, Tom, she breaks with them in order to save her nephew's life. They flee to Arizona. Another outcast offers them sanctuary just as Shinar's clan makes an attempt on Torque's life. Shinar kills one of them and raises the wrath of them all. She can only stop it by fighting her mother, matriach of the clan, and win, or her life and that of her nephew, as well as their new-found friends, are forfeit.

You can read the two related short stories, Merry He Goes Round and Queen of the Underground.