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(c) Arike van de Water 2007-2009

Garf Dealings, with chorus

An alien race descended from radioactive parrots came to Earth when their place of origin, an abandoned space station, was about to be demolished. They save a girl from her boring life by insisting she be their ambassador to the humans. They accidentally hijack a plane, which lands on an airport inundated with representatives of earthly authorities. Luckily, they are as fallible as the aliens, and they chase each other around the airport for the duration of the play. Based on Henry V, with apologies to the people who love that play.


Pro. Enter CHORUS

O for some spark of inspiration, from
That light of money and investment, come;
An island is my stage, housewives will act
And aliens bestride this wretched scene.
Would that some warlike Hero, like himself,
Assumed a role of strength, and at his beck,
Leashed in like hounds, should setting, act and fame
Roll out the carpet. But pardon, everyone,
The antiheroes that shall play for you
In this mad-dash adventure, soiling thus
So great an art form. Can this cockamie
Redeem itself by fun? Or may I cram
Into their heads some talent so you may
At least endure without eating your hat?
Oh pardon! Since some crooked figures will
Replace the million-dollar girls and lads;
And let us, amateurs in this great world,
Put your imagination to some work.
Suppose that in the month of June there may
Arise the roughs of stellar act and scene.
Not yet a star, but shooting for the sky,
Indulge us for the space of two small hours.
Stride past the imperfections with your mind:
And make a thousand count for one mistake,
Have mercy on the children that pretend.
Think, when we talk of something, understand
The twists these thirty days we had to make.
For 'tis your thoughts that now must save our plot
Support it to "the end", with rambling skip,
To turn th'accomplishment of ScriptFrenzy
Into a document read all the way.
Admit me Chorus to this history,
Who, Prologue-like, your humble patience pray,
Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play.