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28 October 2009 - after a minor update and a thorough trial run of all the links and applications in the new edition of the website, it's now finally ready to go online. I'm very excited, especially because this week is more or less when all the excitement that's been building for months is about to break loose, in just about every area of my life. I'm happy the site's up just before it. I've also updated a very cool handout that I came across, and it's posted in a subdomain of this website, the NaNoWriMo Shelf.

4 September 2009 - the site has a completely new outfit, new fiction, new poetry, new writing tools, new links, and, guess what, also all the good stuff of the old website! You'll find everything in its proper place. The biggest change is the addition of a submenu at the top of the page, different for each main section, for easier navigation. These were introduced because the lists on each index page were getting rather long. What was also a very cool to discover when I was writing the lay-out, XHTML offers some options that I haven't seen before, like indenting paragraphs properly. Go check it out in the story section! I drooled over that, since I love indented paragraphs. Excercises has become Tools, because I've added pages on prompts and generators, which, inspirational as they are, really aren't exercises. The Address Book, with bio and links, has been gobbled up by the main section, bit in two and posted as separate pages. On a personl front, right now I'm jumping up and down over NaNoWriMo starting, the two other novel-lengths I'm working on, starting my master, Intercultural Communication, and having a concert with my choir this coming November. Busy times ahead.

12 October 2008 - all sections have been updated, so that the information in the Address Book, on the Projects page and here is current, new poems and short stories have been added, and the Exercises page now boasts three items. In a few months, we'll see the start of Nanowrimo, and a glorious new season of writing! Go check it out yourself at, especially if you're not good at writing.

6 December 2007 - all sections have been updated with new material, and some of the older stuff has been removed. The Projects section contains information on my current WIPs, as well as excerpts for most of them. I've launched a new section, exercises, where I'll be posting some writing exercises that I've developed to get that story out of my head and onto the page. hopefully, You'll find them useful as well. A short bio has been added to the address book.

26 March 2007 - the site is launched, with a collection of my more readable poetry and short stories. In a short while, I'll be starting on the first edit of my NaNo '06. I hope to have that done in a week or three, so I can put an excerpt and some information on the Projects page.